The Envelope Dialog Box


Envelope envelope.png
  • Menu Command: Analysis: Signal Processing: Envelope
  • Window Types: Workbook, Graph
  • X-Function Script and GUI Examples: envelope(Pro)
Dialog Theme See Dialog Themes.

See Recalculating Analysis Results.


Specifies the input data range. See Specifying Your Input Data.

Envelope Type

Specifies the type of envelope to be found. Option list:

  • Upper Envelope: Only the upper envelope will be found.
  • Lower Envelope: Only the lower envelope will be found.
  • Both Envelopes: Both upper and lower envelopes will be found.

Smooth Points

Smoothing is performed during the envelope detection. This variable controls the smoothing degree. The greater this value is, the smoother the envelope curve will be. See the envelope algorithm page for details.


Specifies the output range. See Output Results.