LabTalk Object Type:


The dash object is a sub-object of the system object. The dash object properties allow you to read and alter dash line-related settings which are set in the OPTION.CNF file. These settings can also be accessed in the Options dialog box.


Property Access Description
system.dash.definen$ Read/write,

Set the dash definition for line, line+symbol, and scatter graphs. Corresponds to the dash line types in the Plot Details dialog box.

system.dash.hatchGap Read/write,

The gap between hatch lines in a column or bar data plot or hatch-filled object. Units in 1/10 of a millimeter. To display the default Windows hatch lines, set system.dash.hatchGap = 0.

system.dash.hatchWidth Read/write,

Width of hatch lines in a column or bar data plot or hatch-filled object. If system.dash.hatchWidth = 1, use 1 pixel black lines to draw the hatch lines. If system.dash.hatchWidth = 0, use the same line style as the border of the box.

system.dash.scaleByWidth Read/write,

Scale the dash pattern according to the line width: 1 = enable, 0 = disable. When disabled, the dash pattern is the same for all line widths.

system.dash.softInPgView Read/write,

Source for dashed line: 1 = use Origin's dashed line, 0 = use the device driver's dashed line.