1.34 Graph Annotator

The Graph Annotator app can be used to read screen coordinates on the graph.

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Users may find it time comsuming to manually annotate graphs with labels at certain locations. In this tutorial, we will show an easier approach to annotate graphs in Origin 2022 with the app Graph Annotator.


This App is pre-installed in Origin. You can find it in the Apps Gallery window and double-click the app icon to open it, and you also can click the Draw Data toolbar button Button Draw Data.png to launch it.

  1. First, let's open a sample graph. Select Help: Learning Center to open Learning Center, select Contour Plots category to find the sample "Contour Plots - Contour Plot from Matrix".
    Graph Annotator 01.png
  2. Activate the graph window "Contour Plot from Matrix" to click the app icon(or Draw Data button) to launch the app.
    Graph Annotator 02.png
  3. Clcik Settings button to expand the dialog, set Add Data Mode to Append and Symbol Size to 12.
    Graph Annotator 03.png
  4. Click Start button to draw intersting data points on contour plot. And then add labels for all these drawn data points.
    Graph Annotator 04.gif
  5. Close the tool. Finally, we get a graph with data points and labels at vally and peak locations on the contour plot. We can customzie the format of the labels and drag-and-drop to reposition them.
    Graph Annotator 05.png