1.14 Forest Plot


The Forest Plot app is used to create Forest Plot with optional weight for each study.


  1. Download this Forest_Plot_Sample.zip file. Open the Forest_Plot_Sample.opju in this zip file. Active Book1.
  2. Select the Forest Plot icon Forest Plot icon.png in the Apps Gallery window to open the dialog.
  3. Set Col(A) to Study Name, Col(B) to Odd Ratio, Col(c) to Lower Confidence, Col(D) to Upper Confidence and Col(E) to Weight(Optional). Uncheck Log Scale.
    Forest Plot 01.png
  4. Click OK. The Forest Plot and ForestPlotData sheet will be created.
    Forest Plot 02.png
    Forest Plot 03.png
  5. Click the green lock icon on the graph to reopen the dialog, then you can update the options setting.