The LabTalk Variables and Functions Dialog Box

This dialog is used to view LabTalk variables and functions in Origin.

To open the dialog,
  1. Type command ed in Command Window or Script Window to open
  2. or Activate Script Window and select Tools: Variables....
ProjVar 02.png


Update ProjVar update button.png Click to view the latest variable list after change/add variables in the Script Window.
Add ProjVar add button.png Add a variable. It will open the Define Variable dialog.
Delete ProjVar delete button.png Delete the selected variable.
Copy Name ProjVar copyname button.png Copy the name of the selected variable to avoid typo.
Show/Hide Values ProjVar showhide button.png Show/Hide the Values Panel.

Variable List

Lists information of all variables and user-defined labtalk functions, including names, values, data type (Numeric, String, and Loose Dataset, etc.), variable type (System, Project, and Session), plot information (if the loose dataset is used to create a plot), and necessary descriptions.


Select or deselect the checkboxes to show or hide desired variable types.

Variable Type System Project Session
Data Type Numeric String Loose Dataset Constant String Register Function Tree Range Macro String Array

Values Panel

Show values or scripts (Macro) of the selected variables in the Variable List. Only values/scripts from data type Function, Loose Dataset, Tree, Range, and Macro will be shown in this panel.