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We are dedicated to supporting the academic community. Explore our flexible and cost-effective licensing options.


For undergraduate and graduate students
(Post-docs or other academic staff not eligible)

Licensing Option*:
Node-locked (fixed-seat, computer-specific)
*Must be on a student-owned computer, not a University-owned computer

Student Version


  • License Term : 1-year
  • Window Limit* : 30
  • Eligible for latest version within license term
Online Store

Learning Edition


  • License Term : 6-month
  • Window Limit* : 12
  • Eligible for latest version within license term
  • Valid University email required during registration
Request Learning Edition

* Window Limit means the number of accessible windows in an Origin project, including all kinds of windows - WorkBook, Matrix, Graph, Notes, Layout, etc., is limited to n in total. Windows beyond the first n will not be accessible, but will be saved with the project.

The information provided is for US and Canada only. For other countries, please contact your local distributor.

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