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Origin 2021b Feature Highlights

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Insert Map to Graph and Shapefile Import

This version includes the following key features for maps and shape files:

  • Insert map as outlines to a graph
  • New Shapefile Connector allows easy shapefile import to worksheet


Enhancements to Embedded Python

Several improvements have been made to the Embedded Python environment in this version:


Run Python script directly from a button placed on a worksheet, matrix or graph.


Custom fitting function using Python script

Mini Toolbar for 3D Graphs

A new set of Mini Toolbars have been added to support 3D graphs, to make quick changes to:

  • Scatter Plot
  • Error Bars
  • Bar Plot
  • Surface Plot
  • Ribbon and Wall Plots
  • Vector Plot
  • Axes, Layer and Page


Climate Data: NetCDF Import and Matrix Analysis and Graphing

  • Import and reduce NetCDF file by partial import or averaging during import
  • Matrix Image Stack to support Shapefile-based ROI averaging to create time axis profile
  • Matrix stats, subtraction, simple math, linear fit along time axis
  • Browser Graph for contour and image plots from matrix stack

NetCDF videos on YouTube


SQLite Import and Export

  • Import from SQLite files using Database Connector
  • Option to Unlock Imported Data from menu
  • Export/Update worksheets as tables in a SQLite database file



Enhancements to Worksheet Calculations

Several new functions have been added in this version to further facilitate worksheet calculations:

  • idx(): Return row indices of records that meet specified condition
  • ReportCell(): Access values from report sheets
  • Sum(): Improved to calculate row wise Mean, StdDev, Min, Max, N, Median. E.g. sum(A:F)_sd
  • More statistics functions: lcl, ucl, mad, geomean, geosd, harmean

Release Notes >>


Use ReportCell() function to pick up specific values from report sheets such as Nonlinear Fit reports, to create your own custom summary.

New Dialogs for Graph and Workbook Templates

This version introduces new dialogs for managing both Graph and Worksheet templates. The new dialogs provide much better access and management of User-defined templates and the Extended templates shipped with the product.

  • List View to allow sorting by Name, Category, date etc
  • Select Graph Template to appear in Plot > My Template menu
  • Select your favorite Book template to appear in File > New menu


Graph Template Library dialog shown in List View mode

Data Slicer for Graphs

The new Data Slicer feature allows you to change filter conditions directly on a graph for easy data exploration. Simply set up filters on desired worksheet columns, create a graph with one or more layers, and turn on the Data Slicer panel to control the filters. Features include:

  • Mini Toolbar to toggle Data Slicer panel
  • Directly disable or enable filters from the graph
  • Text filter has option for single entry allowing for easy switch of filter conditon
  • Numeric filters allow several conditions including combinations with AND or OR


Improvements to Browser Graph

Several improvements have been made for Browser Graphs in this version, including:

  • Increased speed when selecting "All Columns from Same Sheet"
  • Spawn new graph with selected plots
  • Allow editing of metadata in navigation panel
  • Several improvements to multi-layer browser graphs
  • Explore image stack of multiple matrix objects using Browser Graph for Image, Contour or Profile plots.

Release Notes >>

New Graph Types

The following new graph types have been added in this version:

  • Network Plots
  • Grouped Marginal Plot
  • Stiff Diagram
  • Durov Plot
  • Ribbon Chart


Network diagram of food preferences of countries


Network diagram of human diseases


Network plot overlaid on map


Grouped Marginal Plot with Distribution Curves. Top and right projections can be histograms, box plot, violins or distribution.


Stiff Diagram overlaid on Google Map


Stiff Diagram


Durov Plot


Ribbon Chart

Extended Graph Templates

In addition to new graph types available from the Plot Menu, this version also includes a set of extended graph templates. These templates are accessible from the new Graph Template Library dialog. The extended templates include:

  • 3D Bars in Two Planes
  • Alluvial Plot from Summarized Data
  • Anomaly Line Plot & Anomaly Plot
  • Arrow Plot
  • Corner Difference Histogram
  • Ellipse Plot
  • Schoeller Diagram
  • Stacked Lines by Custom Offsets
  • Ternary Phase Diagram
  • XY Error as Rectangles

Extended graph templates shipped with the product

New Apps

The following new Apps are available with this latest version.

Other Features


  • Easy way to unlock DC data >>
  • Partial import in Excel Connector >>
  • Simpler tool to export graph as image >>
  • Merge Graphs to Layout page>>
  • Group Plots Properties by Label Rows >>
  • Keep last autosaved project file Last-AutoSave.opju >>

Data Manipulation

  • Mini Toolbar to extract Units from Long Name >>
  • More context menu for Data Filter icon >>
  • Extend day limitation for hours in Time Format >>
  • Freeze beginning columns or rows in Worksheets >>
  • Append Worksheet supports append to the last row of each column >>
  • Convert subregion of worksheet to XYZ columns >>
  • Expand matrix dimension when pasting data >>


  • Mini Toolbar to add Linear Fit curve to plot >>
  • Toolbar button to pause Recalculation >>
  • Duplicate this operation >>
  • Batch Peak Analysis using multiple instances >>
  • Gadget output to clipboard >>
  • Arbitrary shape ROI box in Cluster gadget >>

How to get Origin 2021b?

If you have version 2018 through 2021, you can simply install and run this new version. No license activation is needed as long as you are eligible for this new version.

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