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Origin2015 Features Highlight

The following sections highlight some of the new features for Origin 2015.

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Ease of Use

User Interface

Origin 2015 introduces MS Office Style Collapsible Menu for some very long menus and context menus so only commonly used ones show by default. Users can access items not frequently used via the double down-arrow at the bottom of the menu.

  • Collapsible Menu and Context Menu

Fig. Collapsible Menu & Context Menu

Fig. Graph Preview in Project Explorer

Project Explorer

The Project Explorer in Origin was designed to provide easy control of hierarchy project structures. In Origin 2015 it has been improved with nicer interface and find & search functionality:

  • View in Extra Large Icons
  • Graph Preview and Tool Tip
  • Find String Anywhere in Project


Set Column Values

The Set Column Values dialog is one of the most basic tool in Origin, which is used to carry out column-based calculation with formulas. In 2015 it is highly improved with more intuitive tool tip and function help:

  • Search and Insert Functions
  • Tool Tip for Function Syntax


Fig. Function Tool Tip in Set Column Value Dialog

Fig. Using Categories Data to Control Grouped Box Chart

Graphing and Analysis

In Origin 2015, many improvements are targeted to provide easier and user-friendlier control options with both graphing and analysis:

  • User-Defined Order for Categorical Data
    - Order Used for both Graphing and Analysis
  • Colored Pairs of Parentheses in Function Formula
  • Batch Plotting in 3D and Contour Graph

Graph Customization

Axis Dialog

Axis Dialog has been redesigned with visual icons on the left panel for easy navigation. Meanwhile, more customization options on axis (line, ticks and labels, special ticks) are provided, including wrap tick label.


Bubble Scale

The bubble scale can be shown as nested or linear layout and you have full control on its customization.


Color Scale

Full control with color scale display is provided by the new Color Scale Control dialog.


Fig. Color Scale Object with Line and Ticks

Categorical and Box Legend

Two special legend objects, the legend for categorical values and box legend have been improved with more display and customization options.


Graph Types

Fig. Kernel Density Plot and Heat Map

  • Column Scatter
  • Heat Map
  • Kernel Density Plot
  • Improved Profile Plot
  • Custom Percentile & Jitter Points in Box Chart

Analysis and Statistics

  • RMANOVA with Unbalanced Data
  • Share 6 OriginPro features with Origin

Fig. Distribution Fit

Data Management

Fig. Append Worksheet Side by Side

  • Append Worksheets
  • Remove/Combine Duplicate Rows
  • Pivot Table with Multiple Source Rows/Columns


  • Import Transposed Matlab Data
  • SPSS File Import
  • Extract Long Name and Units from Same Line

Fig. Import SPSS File


Fig. Using Python to Import Data to Matrix and Create Contour Plot

  • Working with Python
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