Name Brief Example
get_book_sheet_names check given string to see if in the form of [Book]Sheet1, if yes, break down and return book and sheet names Examples
find_col_by_name To find column by long name, if not found then find column by short name. Examples
find_user_defined_label To find the user defined label by name in Worksheet. Examples
is_col_all_text check a worksheet column to see if it is really a text column Examples
is_column_in_bounds Check the column if is in the bound Examples
make_book_sheet_name return string in the form of [Data1]Sheet1 Examples
okoc_create_workbook creating a new workbook with more controls Examples
out_tree_to_wks output result from tree to worksheet. Examples
save_data_2_Wks put XY or XYZ data to worksheet Examples
setLabelValueFromRows Set column label value from rows value Examples
sheet_find_empty_dataobject Find first DataObject of last empty range in the specified Datasheet starting with the specified DataObject. Examples
wks_add_show_labels Add more labels to worksheet column lablel region, make display order according order in vnType Examples
wks_copy Copy a worksheet from another worksheet Examples
wks_find_empty_column Find first column of last empty range in the specified worksheet starting with the specified column. Examples
wks_from_book_sheet_name Attach a worksheet by [Book]Sheet string Examples
wks_get_book_sheet_name construct the [Book1]Sheet1 string from given Datasheet Examples
wks_has_complex_col Checks whether worksheet has complex column Examples
wks_has_x when import data, if we need not show time column and use append col import mode, we need check if wks has x column. It will return true, if wks is not empty AND has X column. Examples
wks_insert_column It appends or inserts a column to worksheet at a desired position. Examples
wks_scroll_into_view worksheet scroll function Examples
wks_sep_label Extract units from worksheet column Long Name or other label row Examples
wks_set_label_text_control Change worksheet label text style control. Examples
wks_set_show_labels Configure worksheet column lablel region display options Examples