Accessing NAG Functions Category and Help

Accessing NAG Functions Category

Origin includes all functions from the NAG Mark 26.1 Library. These functions can be easily accessed from your Origin C functions. To access any NAG function simply include the Origin C system header file OC_nag.h in your source file. All Origin C NAG header files are included in the pre-compiled system header file OC_nag.h. It is recommended to include OC_nag.h when accessing NAG functions. The NAG library categories included with Origin are listed in the following table. Click on a particular category to view available functions.

-- Chapters of NAG C Library
a00 Library Identification
a02 Complex Arithmetic
c02 Zeros of Polynomials
c05 Roots of One or More Transcendental Equations
c06 Fourier Transforms
c09 Wavelet Transforms
d01 Quadrature
d02 Ordinary Differential Equations
d03 Partial Differential Equations
d04 Numerical Differentiation
d05 Integral Equations
d06 Mesh Generation
e01] Interpolation
e02 Curve and Surface Fitting
e04 Minimizing or Maximizing a Function
e05 Global Optimization of a Function
f Linear Algebra
f01 Matrix Factorizations
f02 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
f03 Determinants
f04 Simultaneous Linear Equations
f06 Linear Algebra Support Functions
f07 Linear Equations (LAPACK)
f08 Least-squares and Eigenvalue Problems (LAPACK)
f11 Sparse Linear Algebra]
f12 Large Scale Eigenproblems
f16 NAG Interface to BLAS
g01 Simple Calculations on Statistical Data
g02 Correlation and Regression Analysis
g03 Multivariate Methods
g04 Analysis of Variance
g05 Random Number Generators
g07 Univariate Estimation
g08 Nonparametric Statistics
g10 Smoothing in Statistics
g11 Contingency Table Analysis
g12 Survival Analysis
g13 Time Series Analysis
g22 Linear Model Specification
h] Operations Research
m01 Sorting and Searching
s Approximations of Special Functions
x01 Mathematical Constants
x02 Machine Constants
x04 Input/Output Utilities
x06 OpenMP Utilities
x07 IEEE Arithmetic