Alphabetical Listing of Functions

Abs acos Acosh Acot Acoth
Acsc Acsch AddDate airy_ai airy_ai_deriv
airy_bi airy_bi_deriv Angle Angleint1 Angleint2
Asc Asec Asech Asin Asinh
Atan Atan2 Atanh ave Averageif
Base Bessel_i0 Bessel_i0_scaled Bessel_i1 Bessel_i1_scaled
bessel_i_nu Bessel_i_nu_scaled Bessel_j0 Bessel_j1 Bessel_k0
Bessel_k0_scaled Bessel_k1 Bessel_k1_scaled Bessel_k_nu Bessel_k_nu_scaled
Bessel_y0 Bessel_y1 Beta Betacdf Betainv
Betapdf Between Bin2Dec Binocdf Binopdf
BitAND BitLShift BitOR BitRShift BitXOR
Bivarnormcdf Boltzmann Category Catindex Catrows
Cattext Cauchypdf Ceil Cell Char
Chi2cdf Chi2inv Code Col Colnum
Color Combina Combine Compare CompareNoCase
Confidence Convert Corr Correl Cos
Cos_integral Cosh Cot Coth Count
Countif Cov Csc Csch Cumul_normal
Cumul_normal_complem Data Data Creation with a Data List Date Date2str
Datepart Day Dec2Bin Dec2Hex Decimal
Degrees Derivative DerivativeXY Dhyperbl Diff
Distance Distance3D Effect Elliptic_integral_rc Elliptic_integral_rd
Elliptic_integral_rf Elliptic_integral_rj Emovavg EnvVar Erf
Erfc Erfcinv Erfcx Erfinv Errof
eval Exact Exist Exp Exp_integral
ExpAssoc ExpDecay2 ExpGrow2 Expm1 Exppdf
Fact FactDouble Fcdf fftamp fftc
fftfreq fftmag fftphase fftshift Find
FindMasks FindOneOf Finv Firstpoint Fit
Floor Foldnormcdf Foldnorminv Foldnormpdf Font
Forecast Frac Fresnel_c Fresnel_s Ftable
Gamcdf Gamfit Gaminv Gamma Gammaln
Gampdf Gauss Gcd Geomean Geosd
GetAt GetFileExt GetFileName GetFilePath GetLength
GetToken Grnd Harmean Hasx HaversineDistance
Hex Hex2Dec Histogram Hour Hygecdf
Hyperbl Idx If ifftshift IfNA
Ifs ImAbs Imaginary ImArgument Imatan
Imatanh ImConjugate ImCos Imcosh Imcot
Imcsc Imcsch ImDiv ImExp ImLn
ImLog10 ImLog2 ImPower ImProduct ImReal
Imsec Imsech ImSin Imsinh ImSqrt
ImSub ImSum Imtan IncBeta IncF
Incgamma Incomplete_gamma Index Int Integral
Integrate IntegrateXY Intercept Interp InvErf
InvF invfft Invprob Invt IsEmpty
IsFile IsFormula IsMasked ISNA IsPath
isText J0 J1 Jacobian_theta Jn
Join Kelvin_bei Kelvin_ber Kelvin_kei Kelvin_ker
Kernel2width Kernelwidth ks2d Ks2density Ksdensity
Kurt lambertW Lappdf Lastpoint lcl
Left Len Let List Ln
Ln1p Log Log_gamma Logistic Logncdf
Logninv Lognpdf Lookup Lorentz Lower
LT_to_oc Mad mae MakeCSV Match
MatchBegin MatchEnd Max Maxifs mbe
Mean Median Mid Min Minifs
Minute Missing Value Mmovavg Mod Mod2
modifier Month MonthName Movavg MovCoef
Movrms Movslope NA NameOf Ncbetacdf
Ncchi2cdf Ncfcdf Nctcdf Nint Nominal
Normal Normcdf Norminv Normpdf Now
NumberValue ocolor2rgb Pattern pDuration Peaks
Percentile Permut Permutationa Plotdata Poisscdf
Poisson Poisspdf Poly Prec Prob
Product Pulse QCD2 QCD3 QCD4
Quarter Radians Ran Range2uid Rank
Real2Complex Real_polygamma Replace ReportCell rgb
Right Rmod Rmod2 Rms rmse
Rnd/Ran Round RRI Search Secant
Sech Second Sem Sign Sin
sin_integral Sinh Skew Slope Sort
SpanExcluding SpanIncluding Sqrt Srangecdf Srangeinv
Ss StdDev StdDevP Substitute Sum
Sumif Switch Table Tan Tanh
Tcdf Text/Format TextJoin Time Time2str
Tinv Tmovavg Today Token Total
TReplace Trim Ttable ucl Uid2name
Uid2range Uniform Unique UnixTime Upper
Value Wblcdf Wblfit Wblinv Wblpdf
WCol WeekDay WeekDayName WeekNum windata
Wmovavg xf_get_last_error_code xf_get_last_error_message Xindex Xindex1
Xof XOR Xvalue Y0 Y1
Year YearName Yn