2.1.41 PutMatrix


Put two dimensional data into a specified Origin matrix.


VB: Function PutMatrix(Name As ByVal String, data As ByVal Object ) As Boolean
C++: bool PutMatrix(LPCSTR Name, _variant_t data )
C#: bool PutMatrix(string Name, var data )


The range string of the Origin worksheet to be found. The range string contains the book name between square brackets followed by the sheet name:
The following special notations are supported. When any of the three parts are not specified then the active is used:
  1. "" (empty string) -- get the active object from the active sheet from the active book
  2. "[MBook1]" or "MBook1" -- get the active object from the active sheet from the named book
  3. "[MBook1]MSheet1" or "[MBook1]MSheet1!" -- get the active object from the named sheet from the named book
  4. "MSheet!" -- get the active object from the named sheet from the active book
  5. "MSheet!0" -- get the specified object from the named sheet from the active book
Two dimensional safearray containing the data that will be put into the Origin matrix.


The PutMatrix method returns true if successful else false.




'Assumes Matrix1 exists.
Dim oApp As Origin.ApplicationSI
Dim bb As Boolean
Dim mat(5, 1 To 2) As Long
Set oApp = GetObject("", "Origin.ApplicationSI")
'Create sample data
For i = 0 To 5
For j = 1 To 2
mat(i, j) = i + j
Next j
Next i
bb = oApp.PutMatrix("Matrix1", mat)


using Origin;
static bool TestPutMatrix()
	Origin.ApplicationSI originApp = new Origin.ApplicationSI();

	int nNumRows = 100;
	int nNumCols = 100;

	// Create some data to put into the matrix.
	double[,] data = new double[nNumRows, nNumCols];
	for (int nRow = 0; nRow < nNumRows; nRow++)
		for (int nCol = 0; nCol < nNumCols; nCol++)
			data[nRow, nCol] = (double)(nCol + nRow);

	// Start a new Origin project.

	// Create a new matrixbook.
	MatrixPage mpg = originApp.MatrixPages.Add("origin", System.Type.Missing);

	// Get the first matrix sheet in the new book.
	MatrixSheet msht = mpg.Layers[0] as MatrixSheet;
	msht.Rows = nNumRows;
	msht.Cols = nNumCols;

	// Construct a full sheet name to pass to PutMatrix.
	string strMSheetName = "[" + mpg.Name + "]" + msht.Name;

	// Put the data into the matrixsheet.
	return originApp.PutMatrix(strMSheetName, data);	


import OriginExt as O
app = O.Application(); app.Visible = app.MAINWND_SHOW
pageName = app.CreatePage(app.OPT_MATRIX)
mp = app.MatrixPages(pageName)
ms = mp.Layers(0)
# Set number of matrix objects
ms.Mats = 1
# Set the dimension of matrix
ms.Rows = 3; ms.Cols = 2
# Set the data of matrix object
testData = [[5,87,90], [3.14, 24.6, 68.09]]
app.PutMatrix(pageName, testData)
outputData = app.GetMatrix(pageName)

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