29.11.5 Stiff Map Diagram

Stiff Map Diagram.png

Data Requirements

A stiff map diagram is a variant of Stiff Diagram, with another XY input to specify the location of the stiff polygons.

Creating the Graph

Highlight the source data and open the plotstiff dialog by either of the following:

  • select Plot > Specialized: Stiff Map from top menu


StiffMap.otpu (installed to the Origin program folder).


Stiff Map diagram is a specific stiff diagram which plot the stiff polygons as scatter according to the input location data.

For this kind of graph, you can still customize the stiffs just like Stiff diagram does, such as fill pattern of the stiffs , the Labels of ions and Sample IDs, and the gap between the stiffs.

Furthermore, you customize the map of the stiff, see

Note: You can double-click on one stiff point with Ctrl key being pressed to add this stiff point as a special point. Then, in the Map tab of Plot Details dialog, you can set Horizontal Offset and Vertical Offset to reposition this point, and specify whether show Lead lines to mark the original position of this point.

To be convenient, you can click one stiff point double times on the graph to select it directly and then drag-and-drop it to another position to reposition it quickly. By default, there will be a lead line to connect it to the Original position.