29.11.1 Bar Map

Bar Map 01.png

Data Requirements

Select X with at least 3 Y columns to create bar map. The first two columns(X and Y) decide the location of each bar chart. Other Y columns are used to plot the bar charts by rows. That means all Y values from the second Y column in each row will be plotted a bar chart and these bar charts will be located in the first XY column.

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

From the menu, choose Plot > Bar, Pie, Area: Bar Map.


BarMap.OTPU (installed to the Origin program folder).


Bar Map chart is a set of Bar charts, using a X-Y data to locate the bar charts. Each bar chart is created by one row of the Y columns.

  • To change the bar size, you can go to the Map tab of Plot Details dialog.
  • To plot a Stacked Bar Map, you can go to the Map tab of Plot Details dialog to check the Stack check box; Furthermore, you can check the Normalize to Percent check box to normalize the stacked bar to the specified Maximum Height.
  • To control the spacing between the bars in each bar chart, you can go to the Spacing tab of Plot Details dialog.
  • To switch the plot type between Bar Map and Pie Map,
    • Click on one bar/pie chart and then click Change Plot to button Popup Change Plot to.png on the mini toolbar to select Pie Chart or Bar Chart .
    • Double-click on bar/pie chart to open Plot Details dialog; with the bar/pie plot selected, select Pie Chart or Bar Chart under the Plot Type drop-down list.