26.3 Getting Help

Origin provides a number of resources to help you program in Python, LabTalk and Origin C. The Programming Help file can be accessed by the Origin and Code Builder Help:Programming menu items. They contains the following resources:


There are two ways for Origin users to work with Python:

  • Use Origin's Embedded Python.
  • Access Origin as a server application from External Python.

This section provides details on embedded Python, including links to code samples, and how to install and manage packages
OriginLab provides packages for interacting with Origin from external Python. This section provides details including links to package documentation and code samples.


  • LabTalk Scripting Guide
    The Labtalk Scriping Guide is to help users who are generally familiar with programming in a scripting language to take advantage of the scripting capabilities in Origin. It contains sufficient detail for a user with basic knowledge of Origin to begin tailoring the software to meet their unique needs.
  • LabTalk Language Reference:
    The LabTalk Language Reference contains information on the LabTalk commands, objects, functions, and macros.

Origin C

  • Origin C Programming Guide:
    The Programming Guide describes many of the most important Origin programming topics including programming in Origin C, user interface development in both standard and professional versions of Origin, COM Client programming, and how to distribute your custom applications once completed. Descriptions include many small and easily understood examples with brief explanations. Source files containing most example code are provided and can be found in this zip file, under the \Origin C Examples subfolder.
  • Origin C Language Reference:
    The Origin C Language Reference provides detailed reference information on every Origin C class member function and global function. Reference information includes the function prototype, remarks, a summary of parameters and return values, example code, the name of the header file containing the prototype, and links to related functions.
  • Origin C Examples
    Examples of complete Origin C code that perform various programming tasks.

X-Function Programming

The X-Function Programming Guide provides details on how to develop custom tools via X-functions. The guide also includes a number of practical examples.

Automation Server

Automation Server support in Origin enable users to call Origin from other applications. The book provides detail examples(Excel VBA, VB, VC, C#...) to demonstrate how to communicate with different areas of Origin. Additionally, it also provides detailed reference information on Origin Automation Server methods and properties. Reference information for methods includes the function prototype, remarks, a summary of parameters and return values, VB example code, and links to related properties and functions. Reference information for properties includes the property type and name, remarks, VB, VC example code, and links to related properties and functions.

Custom VIs for LabVIEW

The Custom VIs for LabVIEW book provides details on several custom building-block VIs installed with Origin. These custom VIs enable LabVIEW users to create their own VIs to communicate with Origin and can be used for operations such as opening and closing communication with Origin, exchanging data between Origin and LabVIEW, and sending commands to Origin.

Code Builder User’s Guide

The Code Builder User’s Guide contains detailed explanations of how to use Code Builder. Code Builder is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) inside Origin that is used to code and debug programs written in Origin’s two programming languages LabTalk and Origin C.

Additional Resources

  • Programming Tutorials are available by selecting Help:Tutorials menu items. There are several programming tutorials in the Tutorials Help file.
  • We also provide source files in the Samples folder of Origin or some zipped files:
    • Origin C: \Origin C Examples\ folder in this zip file
    • Labtalk Script: <Program folder>\Samples\LabTalk Script Examples folder
    • Automation Server: <Program folder>\Samples\COM Server and Client\ folder and \COM Server and Client\ folder in this zip file

The following resources are also available on the OriginLab web site (www.OriginLab.com):

  • Origin and Origin C user forums are available to share ideas and ask questions of other Origin users.
  • Technical Support is available for resolving problems using Code Builder, discussing general programming strategies, and for troubleshooting small sections of code.