11.6 Data Extraction

The Data Extraction gadget can help you extract the data points in a ROI region from the 2D graph to the target worksheet. It supports to extract different point subsets from different ROI regions.

Data Extraction 01.png

To use Data Extraction gadget

  • Select Gadgets: Data Extraction from the main menu when a graph is active. The dialog will be opened:

Data Extraction 02.png

Dialog Controls

ROI Box tab

In this tab, you can customize the ROI box:

Fill Color

Specify the fill color for the ROI box.

When you select Auto, fill color will automatically change if you add more ROI box with the mini toolbar Popup Add ROI DE.png. If you select a single color, all ROI boxes will share same fill color.

Point Indicate Mode

Specify how to indicate the inner/outer points once ROI box has been added.

  • None:Do not indicate the points.
  • Color Inner Points: Color the points inside the ROI box
  • Fade-out Outer: Fade the points outside ROI box out.


Specify the shape of the ROI. It can be either Rectangle, Circular or Arbitrary Shape. See the details about these shapes here.

Shape Position

This group of settings allows you to set the precise position of the ROI. If Circular is selected in the Shape drop-down list, the settings below actually define a rectangle whose sides lie tangent to the circular ROI.

Output tab

  • Add Data Mode: Specify how to output the select data points: Append Rows, Append Rows with Gap, Start New Sheet or Start New Columns. The default is Start New Columns.
  • Data Arrangement for Multiple Plots in Same ROI : The selections are same as above. You can use it to specify how to arrange the data points for multiple plots inside same ROI box.
  • Additional Info: Specify what additional information will be output together.
    • Book Name: For Mode is Start New Sheet or Start New Columns, book name&sheet name will be in user parameter Source Book, Source Sheet
    • Sheet Name: Same as Book Name. If Mode is Append Rows or Append Rows with Gap, Book Name and Sheet Name will be in column
    • Row Index: The row index of the points in source worksheet.
    • Modifier Info: This is selected by default. It means to get the corresponding row of modifier column(s), no extra column if there is no modifier.
  • Subset Worksheet Name: The default is [%H-Subset]Subset. When mode is Start New Sheet, sheet name will be Subset1, Subset2...

Mini Toolbar Controls

Once you click OK button in the Data Extraction: addtool_data_extract dialog, a ROI box be added and a mini toolbar will appear:

Data Extraction 03.png


Click it to open Create ROI Dialog to add one more ROI box.

Data Extraction 04.png

You can choose shape for ROI box and the fill color will automatically change for new ROI if Fill Color is set to Auto.

Modify ROI

Click it to enter edit point mode for selected ROI to do further change. Single-click empty space will exist the modify mode.

Pick Data

Click this Fly-out button to list individual plots that can be checked/unchecked. The 1st two options are Active Plot and All Plots(show separator between individual plots). Default is active plot. It will pick data for all ROI.

Create Subset Sheet for Active ROI/All ROIs

Click this button to copy data of selected plot in active ROI/all ROIs to a specified sheet.


Click this button to open the Output tab of Data Extraction Preperences dialog.