29.16.14 3D Stacked Surfaces

3D Stacked Surfaces.png

Data Requirements

  • Plotted from Worksheet,
    (1)You need have XYZ data and another reference column to split the XYZ columns into different groups.
    (2)You need have XYZZ... data and a column label row to position the heatmaps on Z axis.
  • Plotted from Matrix,
    You need have at least three matrix objects in the same matrixsheet.

Creating the Graph

Activate the worksheet or matrixsheet.

From the menu, choose Plot > 3D : 3D Stacked Surfaces.

  • For the worksheet data, The dialog plot_xyz3dstack will be opened, same as that for 3D Stacked Heatmaps.
  • For the matrix data, Origin will plot the matrix objects as flat surfaces directly.


glStackedSurf.OTPU (Installed to the Origin program folder).


  • All the surfaces are flatted, and the position values on Z axis are controlled by the option Z Value Source.
  • If your worksheet data is not Regular or Sparse, you can plot XYZZ... data as 3D Colormap Surfaces directly(Plot > 3D : 3D Colormap Surface) and then set them to Flat Surfaces.