4.1.3 The Workbook Organizer

The Workbook Organizer provides a tree-view listing of all information that is stored in a particular workbook.

The Workbook Organizer-1.png

These two additional workbook window panes provide access to workbook and worksheet properties. The left panel lists the information that is contained in the window. This information is organized according to the general workbook > worksheets > columns hierarchy. Each branch in this hierarchy is expandable (or collapsible), allowing you to view the contents of each object in the hierarchy. Generally, when you select an object in the left panel, you can use the Organizer's right-hand panel to view and edit properties associated with the selected object.

To open the Workbook Organizer:

  1. Click on the Show/Hide Organizer button Show Hide Organizer.png


  1. Right-click on the workbook title bar and choose Show Organizer from the shortcut menu.

Right clicking on left or right panel will bring up a set of menu items, providing you with frequently used functions such as adding section/variable, copying selected item, reimporting, etc.

Worksheet Organizer Right Click Menu.png

To copy out header infomation from Workbook Organizer,