29.5.10 Sunburst Plot

Sunburst Plot 01.png

The graph is an example of a colormap sunburst chart. The color of the wedges is mapped to their value. For categories and subcategories, the color is decided by the mean value of category.

The graph is useful in telling the ranking of the categories at one glance, by comparing the colors in the same ring.

Data Requirements

Select multiple X columns and one Y column: The last column should be data values (Set as Y) and all other columns are categories and sub-categories(Set as X).

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

From the menu, choose Plot > Categorical : Sunburst Plot.


Sunburst.OTP (installed to the Origin program folder).


The Sunburst Plot is a variant of Doughnut Plot, used to display a hierarchical structure. Each level of the hierarchy is represented by one ring or circle and all rings show how the outer rings relate to the inner rings.

Sunburst Plot 02.png

As you can see, the missing values in X columns is also plotted as wedges but without filling the colors.

Please note, although there are three rings, they will be treated as one plot for further customizations.

To customize the Rotation, Radius/Center or Doughnut, see The (Plot Details) Pie Geometry tab.

To customize the labels of wedges, see The (Plot Details) Labels tab.