27.7.6 Special Default Fonts Dialog

Origin's project file can mix different characters like text, sybmol and arrows, and different languages like English and Asian words. You may find it useful to globally control their default fonts respectively. The Special Default Font dialog is introduced for this purpose. Once you set a default font for a kind of characters, such as Greek sybmols, all Greeks in different places (Graph, Notes, Worksheet, etc.) will be updated accordingly.

Special Default Fonts Dialog.png

To open this dialog,
  • Select Tools: Special Default Fonts...
Special Default Fonts Dialog 1.png
Math Symbol Control the default font of mathematical symbols inserted from Math tab of Symbol Map.
Arrow/Misc Symbol Control the default font of sybmols inserted from Arrow and Miscellaneous tabs of Symbol Map.
Unicode Greek Control the default font of symbols inserted from Greek and European tabs of Symbol Map.
Fixed-width Mainly used for scripts.
Asian Used for Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese.
Western Used to set font for English characters in a non-English environment.

Note: As listed in the above table, this dialog is used primanly in Symbol Map or as Escape code for mixed fonts. If you want to set default font in Toolbar, please use Prefercen: Options dialog > Text Font tab.

How it works...

Suppose we compose a short paragraph mixed with Chinese and English. We can specify the font of English characters by

\f:e(English Characters)
Special Default Fonts 0.png

See how the displays determined by the font specified in the Special Default Fonts dialog:

Default Font
Special Default Fonts 1.png
Special Default Fonts 3.png
Display Special Default Fonts 2.png Special Default Fonts 4.png