Export Image


Version Info

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 8 SR1

Need to do before Running Examples

Prior to running the following example, the image_utils.c file needs to be loaded and compiled. This can be done from script with the following command or just add this file to your workspace.


Export Matrix Object as Image File

The matrix object of any data type can be exported as an image file. Before running the following example need to open new a matrix window and choose File: Import: Image... to import an image into the matrix window. Then run the following example to export the matrix object in this project as gray-scale image to the User Files Folder.

#include <image_utils.h>

//export image from matrix
void export_image()
   // get the matrix page in project
   MatrixPage mp = Project.MatrixPages(0);  
   if (!mp)
     out_str("Failed to get the matrix page!\n");

   // get the matrix layer in the matrix page
   MatrixLayer ml = mp.Layers(0);   
   if (!ml)
     out_str("Get no matrix layer!\n");

   // get the matrix object in the matrix layer
   MatrixObject mo = ml.MatrixObjects(0);   
   if (!mo)
     out_str("Get no matrix object!\n");
   string strPageName;
   // get the matrix page name

   // the exported image type: png
   string strImageType = "png";  

   // path of image
   string strImagePath = GetAppPath(false) + strPageName + "." + strImageType;  

   // the resolution of the image 
   int nDPI = 300;  

   // set the image as grayscale
   bool bGray = true;   
   // export matrix object as image
   int nRet = export_Matrix_to_image(strImagePath, strImageType, mo, nDPI, bGray);
   if (nRet != 0)
     out_str("Failed to export matrix object as image!\n");