pip [option]


install; Install Python package

Syntax: pip install

Install pandas package:

pip install pandas;

When install multiple packages, use space to seperate:

pip install test pandas;

Use proxy setting:

pip install --proxy http:%(char(47)$)%(char(47)$)user:password@proxy:port --trusted-host pypi.org --trusted-host files.pythonhosted.org <pkg> 
// %(char(47)$) replaces / in proxy URL because, when run via LT, the parser will think // is a comment and will break the LT call.

Note: All special character need to replace with Percent-encoding, like %24 for $.

uninstall; Uninstall Python package

Syntax: pip uninstall Uninstall package:

pip uninstall pandas;

Uninstall all packages:

pip uninstall *;

-chk; Check if package is installed

Syntax: pip -chk

Asks for permission to install, otherwise reports already installed

pip -chk pandas;

Syntax: pip -chk1

Shows message if not installed, otherwise does nothing

pip -chk1 pandas;

Check with package version

pip -chk emd==0.4.0;
pip -chk1 emd==0.4.0;