Dialog Builder

Dialog Builder refers to the Origin C support to use Microsoft Visual C++ generated resource DLL for building floating tools, dialog boxes, and wizards in Origin. All resource elements, including Windows common controls and Origin's worksheet and graph controls can be accessed and controlled from Origin C. This capability used to require a Dialog Builder license, but since Origin 8.5, this restriction has been removed and all Origin installations include this support.

This guide contains a tutorial that shows how to use Microsoft Visual C++ to create a resource-only DLL containing a dialog and then how to use Origin C to display the dialog. Additional sections describe in more detail how to create a resource-only DLL and access it's resources from Origin C.

Note: Beginning with Origin 2017, Origin C dialogs can be built using HTML and JavaScript. For most users, this will be a better approach than building tools using the older Origin Developer Kit. Building dialogs with the Developer Kit requires the user to create a resource DLL using Visual Studio. This has proven to be a barrier for many, both for development and for distribution. The HTML/JS approach eliminates such complications.

Dialog Builder Samples

Dialog Builder sample files, including resource DLLs, can be found in this zip file, under the
\Dialog Builder\ subfolder.

This section covers the following topics: