29.9.6 2Ys Box Chart Graph

DoubleY box chart.png

Data Requirements

You need to have multiple columns, regardless of the column designation.

Starting with the first column in selection been plotted into first layer, each two subsequent columns will be plotted into two different layers in order.

Creating the Graph

  1. Select required data.
  2. From the menu, select Plot > Statistical: 2Ys Box.



This template is installed to the Origin program folder.


  • All box plots in same layer will have same styles. The color of boxes will follow its Y axis.
  • Once you selected multiple Y columns to plot this kind of graph, the long names (if no, then short names) of odd columns will be used as the X tick labels.
  • Layer 2 has been linked to Layer 1. And, the X axis of layer 2 has been linked to that of layer 1(straightly 1:1).
  • The gap of two boxes in same X position is controlled by the option Overlap(%, Negative for Gap) in the Spacing tab at the plot level of Plot Details dialog, associated with first plot of the first layer.