11 Internet License

Similar to Concurrent License, the Internet License allows you to install Origin on any number of computers in your organization, and simultaneously run Origin on as many computers as the number of seats purchased.

The key difference is that with Internet License, you do not need to maintain a license server in your organization.

If you purchase n seats, you will be provided with n Product Keys. You can install and activate Origin on any PC using these product keys, thus allowing you to run Origin simultaneously on n PCs. The license will get automatically deactivated from the previous PC where the product key is used.

This license requires that your PCs are all connected to the internet. There is however an option to lock a Product Key to a particular PC for a period of 7 days at a time. This allows you the flexibility of having uninterrupted use of the license such as when traveling outside of your organization.


This license type requires computer ALWAYS CONNECT TO THE INTERNET. Make sure your network has a stable internet connection with low traffic.

Register Serial Number and Get Product Key

If you have a single-user package with serial number:


Please follow instruction on this page to register your serial number and generate product key(s).

If you are the Administrator of a multi-user package with serial number::


Please follow instruction on this page to register your serial number and set up the product key deployment mechanism BEFORE you deploy Origin to your users.

License Activation

  1. Start Origin. A License Activation dialog opens.
  2. With Enter Product Key below and click Activate selected, enter your product key and click Activate.
  3. The license process will then be done in background. If successful, you will get a success message.

If the background licensing process fails, please continue with the following steps:

  1. If the licensing process fails for some reason, a Notepad window opens with a link in it.
  2. Copy this link to a web browser that has an internet connection. The link will bring you to the OriginLab website.
  3. When you log into your account, the license text will be generated and displayed on the web page.
  4. Copy the license text and paste it back to Origin's License Activation dialog. Click OK.

License Deactivation

There is NO NEED to deactivate license. Once the product key is activated on another computer, Origin activated with the same key on the original computer will deactivate itself.

Disconnect Origin from Internet

You can lock license to a special computer for a limited time up to one week. During this period, computer can be disconnected from internet and Origin still runs successfully.

Note: You must lock the license BEFORE disconnecting your computer from internet.

  1. Open Origin. Select Help: About Origin.
  2. Click on License button.
  3. Enter product key if it has not been auto-filled.
  4. Select Lock Product Key to this PC to use without internet access for up to one week checkbox.
    Internet lic borrow.png
  5. Click Activate button.
  6. Disconnect the computer from the network.