8 Dongle License

Starting from Origin 2019, dongles are cross-version.

Activate Your Dongle

If you purchased a new dongle,

You will receive a unique dongle from OriginLab or distributors. The Dongle ID is printed on the dongle.

You can then install Origin with the dongle Serial Number. Plug in the dongle to the USB port to use Origin.

If you have a dongle for Origin 2019 or later and your Maintenance entitles you to upgrade to the latest version,

  1. Install the latest version of Origin with the dongle Serial Number.
  2. Plug in the dongle to the USB port.
  3. Double-click on Origin icon to launch Origin for the first time. If the Update Dongle dialog opens, continue the following steps to upgrade your dongle. If not, your dongle is ready for the new version.
  4. Take a note of the Dongle ID at the top of the dialog.
    Dongle activate license dialog.png
  5. Contact OriginLab or your distributor and provide your Serial Number and Dongle ID. You will receive a 16 character Dongle Product Key.
  6. Start Origin. If the Update Dongle dialog is not open, select menu Help: Activate License to open it.
  7. With Enter Dongle Product Key below and click Update selected, enter your product key and click Update. Note that internet access is not required in most cases.
  8. The licensing process will then run in the background. If successful, you will get a success message.

Once complete, you can use this dongle for Origin installed with the same Serial Number on any other computers without reactivating the dongle.

Note that the dongle of latest version still allows you to use previous versions of Origin down to v2019. However, using Origin 2019(b) may deactivate the dongle for version 2020 or higher. So we always recommend staying with the new version. If you really need to use Origin 2019(b) and see a message asking for activation when returning to the new version later, please follow the above steps to reactivate it.

Register Your Origin

Registration is not required, but it will help the Support Team provide better support.

To register Origin, please

  1. Select menu Help: Register on-line to open the Registration dialog.
  2. Click the Click here to Register on-line and receive your Registration ID button.
  3. Your web browser will be opened to OriginLab website. Log-in or create an account.
  4. A Registration ID will be created for you. Copy this ID and paste it back to Origin

Update Your Dongle after Maintenance Renewal

After your Maintenance renewal has been processed, complete the following steps to update your dongle.

  1. You will receive a new Dongle Product Key from OriginLab or your distributor. .
  2. Plug in the Dongle to the USB port.
  3. Start Origin. Select Help: Activate License. It will open the Update Dongle dialog. Enter the product key. Click the Update button. Note that internet access is not required in most cases.
  4. After the activation process is completed, select Help: About Origin to confirm the updated maintenance expiration date is correct.

Note: If you have a n-seat group dongle serial number, you will have n dongles. You will need to update each dongle as above after renew your Maintenance.