7 Dongle License for V2019 or earlier

Get Started with Your Dongle

  1. Install Origin with the dongle Serial Number.
  2. Plug in the Dongle key to the USB port.
  3. Right-click on Origin icon and select Run as Administrator to launch Origin for the first time.
  4. The Registration dialog will open. Registration is not compulsive, but it will help you to receive better support from us.
    To register Origin, please
    1. Click the Click here to Register on-line and receive your Registration ID button.
    2. Your web browser will be opened to OriginLab website. Log-in or create an account.
    3. A Registration ID will be created for you. Copy this ID and paste it back to Origin

    If you don't want to register at the moment, select the Register later option. Next time you open Origin the OriginLab Registration dialog will open to remind you of the registration.

See Also

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