3.5.12 Miscellaneous


Name Brief Example
exist(name) Returns a single value indicating what 'object type' the given name is associated with string value.
ISNA(double dd) Determines whether the number is a NANUM. Example
isText(string) Determine whether an input is a text. Example

Missing Value

Name Brief Example
Missing Value Equal to NANUM in Origin C.
NA() Returns NANUM. Example


Name Brief Example
color(name) Returns a number corresponding to the index in the color list of the color specified by the name or by the RGB value. Example
eval(script) Execute LabTalk script code. Example
font(name) Returns a number corresponding to the font list index of the font specified by name.
LT_to_oc() Convert LT color to OColor. Example
modifier() Get worksheet column modifier. Example
ocolor2rgb(oColor) Convert an internal color code ocolor to RGB value. Example
Range2uid Return the universal identifier (UID) given a range specifier (not a range variable!).
rgb split RGB value
Uid2name Return a name (i.e., [Book1]Sheet1!1) corresponding to a range of data, given a universal identifier (UID) as input.
Uid2range Return a range variable given a universal identifier (UID) as input.
xf_get_last_error_code Returns the last error code value of XFunction engine.
xf_get_last_error_message Returns the last error string message of XFunction engine.