Return a name (i.e., [Book1]Sheet1!1) corresponding to a range of data, given a universal identifier (UID) as input. This function is meant to obtain the names of layers and pages containing datasets (columns of data) which have been plotted in a graph.


string ''Name'' = Uid2name(''uidNumber'')$


plotxy (1,2) ogl:=<new show:=0>;       // Plot A(x)B(y) to a new hidden plot
range aa = plotxy.ogl$;                // Get the range associated with this new plot
int uid = aa.GetPage();                // Get the UID of the page containing 'aa'
string str$=uid2Name(uid)$;            // Get the (page) name associated with that UID
type "Result graph name is %(str$)";   // Display the name of the graph page

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