2.2 ApplicationCOMSI


ApplicationCOMSI connects to an existing instance of Origin that was also launched using the ApplicationCOMSI class. If there is not already an Origin instance that was launched using the ApplicationCOMSI class then a new instance will be launched.


Name Brief Example
BeginSession The BeginSession method reserves the current Origin session for exclusive use. It has no meaning in the case of multi-instance Origin automation objects (Origin.Application,), in which case, any connection creates a separate Origin session. VBA, Python
CopyPage The CopyPage method replaces the clipboard with an image of the specified graph or layer. VBA, Python
CreatePage The CreatePage method creates an Origin page of the specified type, such as a worksheet page or graph page. VB, C#, Python
DestroyPage The DestroyPage method deletes an existing Origin page. VBA, Python
EndSession Python
Execute The Execute method executes a LabTalk script in specified context. VBA, C#, Python
Exit Exit Origin. VBA, C#, Python
FindGraphLayer Find a graph layer by name. VB, C#, Python
FindMatrixSheet Find a matrix sheet by name. VBA, C#, Python
FindWorksheet Find a worksheet by name. VBA, C#, Python
GetFinder Returns the finder object VBA, C#, Python
GetMatrix The GetMatrix method transfers data from specified Origin matrix. VBA, C#, Python
GetWorksheet The GetWorksheet method transfers data from specified Origin worksheet. VBA, C#, Python
Load The Load method opens specified Origin project (.OPJ). VBA, C#, Python
NewDataRange Python
NewProject Close the current project and start a new one. VB, C#, Python
PageGetValue Python
PageSetValue Python
Path Returns a string containing the requested Origin path. VBA, C#, Python
ProjectSearch Query objects inside Origin VBA, C#, Python
PutMatrix Put two dimensional data into a specified Origin matrix. VBA, C#, Python
PutWorksheet Put two dimensional data into a specified Origin worksheet starting at a specified column and row. VBA, C#, Python
Reset Empty all worksheets and fill all matrices with missing-value. VBA, C#, Python
Run Allow Origin to finish current operations. This is useful after calling a method that triggers lengthy auto-update calculations. VBA, VB, Python
Save Save the current Origin session to an Origin project (OPJ) file. VBA, C#, Python
SetRangeEvent Python
SetRangeName Python


Name Brief Example
ActiveFolder VB, Python
ActiveNote Python
ActivePage Python
CanClose When Origin is connected to another application via COM, you can no longer close down Origin until the controlling application terminates. The CanClose property when set to true (default is false) will make Origin hidden when user click the x button to close Origin. So this properly is essentially Hide-On-Close. VB, Python
EmptyTree Python
ExternalDialogPages Python
GraphPages Python
IsModified IsModified property sets or clears modified flag for currently open Origin project without saving it. VBA, Python
LayoutPages Python
LTStr The LTStr property provides access to LabTalk string variables. VBA, C#, Python
LTVar The LTVar property allows access to LabTalk floating point variables. VBA, C#, Python
MatrixPages Python
Name Python
Notes Python
PageBases Python
Pages Python
PageString The PageString property allows access to Origin page textual properties or Origin Notes content. VBA, Python
ProjectInfo Python
ReminderMsg Python
RootFolder VB, Python
Tree Python
Visible The Visible property allows you to change the visible state of the Origin application window. The different states include hidden, shown, minimized, maximized, and bring to front. VBA, C#, Python
WorksheetPages Python


Name Brief Example