Peak and Baseline


Name Brief Example
ocmath_check_linear Find linear segment of a curve by piecewise linear fit. Examples
ocmath_create_baseline_by_masking_peaks Create curve's baseline by masking its peaks. Examples
ocmath_find_base_regions Find the flat part in the curve as baseline Examples
ocmath_find_baseline_part_by_small_curvature Get baseline points of the input curve by second derivative method or small curvature Examples
ocmath_find_inflection_point Find x coordinate of the inflection points for the peak data by an iterative method and calculate the peak width at base Examples
ocmath_find_markers_of_peak_centers_by_height_and_width Find feets of the peaks by user settings Examples
ocmath_find_markers_of_peaks_by_height_and_width Find feets of the peaks with user settings. Examples
ocmath_find_peaks_1st_derivative Find curve's peaks by 1st derivative. Examples
ocmath_find_peaks_2nd_derivative Find curve's peaks by 2nd derivative. Examples
ocmath_find_peaks_by_local_maximum Find local maximum point in a local scope selected by nLocalPts. For a current point marked by nIndex, the scope is [nIndex-nLocalPts, nIndex+nLocalPts]. The local maximum point will be save as a peak. Examples
ocmath_find_peaks_by_search_window Find peaks in local scope. Examples
ocmath_find_peaks_partition Find two inflexions determined by smoothed 2nd derivative on the nearest left and right of dPeakCenter, and then use nStartofPeak and nEndofPeak to record the two inflexions indices. nStartofPeak and nEndofPeak determined the peak's partition. Examples
ocmath_init_baseline_by_connect_ends Init baseline depending on two end points of the curve. Examples
ocmath_pick_peaks find peaks by simply looking at the Y values Examples
ocmath_test_peaks_by_height Test and record the number of peaks passed testing. Examples
ocmath_test_peaks_by_number Find the npeakNum highest peaks. Examples
ocmath_xy_remove_duplicates This function remove duplicated points and replace duplicated points by nMethod, where 0 means replace with mean, 1=median, 2=min, 3=max, 4=sum Examples