13.2.2 The Tools Menu

The Tools menu can be used to switch between the two views of the X-Function Builder and and to open the Code Builder.

Tree View

This menu command can be used to switch between the Standard View and the Tree View. When in Tree View, there is a check mark next to the menu item. Re-select the menu item to clear the check mark and return to the Standard View.

Edit in Code Builder

Opens the current X-Function in the Code Builder IDE. Here, you can edit or compile code. This menu duplicates the Edit X-Function in Code Builder buttonCode Builder.pngon the toolbar.

Clear Document

Select this menu item to clear document related content. The document related items to be cleared include:

  1. All nodes under Japanese Help/German Help branch - Description, GetN Dialog Custom Buttons, Auto Complete Hint;
  2. All nodes under Variables: x: English Help/Japanese Help/German Help sub-branch - Display Name, Description, Auto Complete Hint, Option Explanations.

It is useful when you want to create your own user-defined X-Function by duplicating a built-in one and then editing it.