3.1 Origin Column Set Get Data

This example shows how to access Origin Worksheet Columns. The VI demonstrates the following:

  1. Connecting to a running Origin with OA_ConnectToOrigin.vi which maps to the ApplicationSI method in Origin.
  2. Loading an Origin OPJ file under Origin's program folder.
  3. Configuration of worksheet column objects, including setting them as even sampling (no separate X columns are needed).
  4. Sending data to columns in a sheet named "Data" and getting data from another sheet named "Basic Stats".
  5. Trigger recalculation in Origin before getting data so as to show how Origin can be used as an Analysis Template.

Note that the VI using an .opj file named Basic Stats on Data is shipped with Origin, which contains an Analysis Template to do simple basic statistics computation.

Some important blocks are as below showing:

This block is for generating some data to put into the two columns in our sample:

Labview Example1 1.png

The blocks below are for setting up column labels and sending data to 2 columns in Origin:

Labview Example1 2.png

The blocks below are for reading data from specified columns of result worksheet: