prob = binocdf(k, n, p) computes the lower tail, upper tail and point probabilities in given value k, associated with a Binomial distribution using the corresponding parameters in n, p.

Here is lower tailed probability:

P(X\le k)=\sum_{i=0}^k P(X=i)=\sum_{i=0}^k {n \choose k}p^i(1-p)^{n-i}


k (input, int)
The integer k, number of successes, which defines the required probabilities. 0\le k \le n
n (input, int)
The parameter n, number of trials of a Bernoulli process, of the Binomial distribution.n\ge 0.
p (input, double)
The parameter p, probability of success for each trial, of the Binomial distribution.0 < p < 1.
prob(output, double)
The probability.