2.11 Signal Processing

This chapter covers the following topics:

In addition, Origin provides a collection of Signal Processing X-Functions

Name Brief Example
cohere Perform coherence Examples
conv Compute the convolution of two signals Examples
corr1 Compute 1D correlation of two signals Examples
corr2 2D correlation Examples
decimate Reduce every N points of data with basic statistics Examples
deconv Compute the deconvolution Examples
dfilter Create and apply an IIR filter Examples
dfilterfcf Import and export MATLAB fcf file with IIR coefficients Examples
dfilterapply Apply IIR filter using specified coefficients
Envelope Get envelope of the data Examples
fft_filter2 Perform 2D FFT filtering
fft_filters Perform FFT Filtering Examples
hilbert Perform Hilbert transform or calculate analytic signal Examples
msmooth Smooth the matrix by expanding and shrinking
smooth Perform smoothing to irregular and noisy data. Examples
stft Perform Short Time Fourier Transform Examples