3.5 6009 LV71

This example shows you how to acquire data using National Instruments USB-6009 multifunction I/O devices. It will show how to plot the acquired data dynamically both in Origin and LabView. Compared to 6009 Simple LV71, this example can allow you to set the sampling rate and to change the showing status of Origin 8. And it will also show how the .opj file containing the acquired data will be saved.

Notes: This VI is created with LabView 7.1.

Make sure that you have installed NA-DAQmx in order to open these DAQ related VIs, and the Labview version you're running is supported by the installed version of NA_DAQmx. e.g. For Labview 2012, it is required to first install NA-DAQmx 9.6.

For detailed information, please refer to the website of National Instruments.

The VI is mainly composed of three parts.

  • The part below is to set values of some parameters which are used in data acquisition.
  • The figure below is to acquire the data using USB 6009 and plot it in LabView and Origin together. Also the acquired data is saved in an Origin worksheet.
  • The figure below is to end the task and save the Origin project.