5.3 Starting the Debugging

To enter "debugging mode" in Code Builder:

  1. Set one or more breakpoints in your function(s).
  2. Make sure that the Enable Breakpoints button Button Enable Breakpoints 90.png on the Debug toolbar (or the Debug:Enable Breakpoints menu command) is selected (this is the default state).
  3. Call your function from Code Builder's LabTalk Console or from Origin. For example, if your program starts by calling a function with the following function header:
    void myFunc()

    Then you would start debugging from the LabTalk Console by typing the following function call and pressing ENTER.

    Debugging From Labtalk Console 91.png

After you called your function, execution will proceed to the first breakpoint. You can also pause execution by pressing ESC or by selecting Debug:Break. After performing either of these actions, the cursor becomes active on the line where program execution paused.