5.1.3 2D Binning

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The 2D Frequency Count/Binning operation counts the frequencies for data with two variables.A 3D bar graph and/or an image plot of the results can be generated, giving a graphic representation of data distribution.

2D Binning.png

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2015 SR0

What you will learn

  • How to count the frequencies for data with two variables.
  • How to plot 2D binning into 3D Histogram.


This tutorial is associated with <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Tutorial Data.opj.

  1. Open the Tutorial Data.opj and browse to the folder 2D Frequency Count (Binning), and activate the 3D Histogram.dat book.
  2. Highlight column A and column B, select menu Statistics: Descriptive Statistics: 2D Frequency Counts/Binning to bring up the TwoDBinning dialog.
  3. Specify the following settings in the dialog box:
    • Uncheck the Auto checkbox, set the Bin Size for X to 40.
    • Set the Bin Size for Y to 15.

    2D Binning 02.png

    • Check on Output Matrix checkbox in the end of the dialog and check on 3D Bars for Matrix Plot.

    2D Binning 02-1.png

  4. Click the OK button, then you will get the following outputs:
    • Worksheet
    2D Binning 03.png
    • Matrix
    2D Binning 04.png
    • 3D Histogram

    Further Customizations

    1. Double click the 3D Histogram to go to the Plot Details dialog, go to the Colormap tab, click the Fill button to open the Fill tab, specifies the Fill tab follows the graph below

    2. 2D Bining 06.png

      Click OK to close the Fill tab, and click OK in Plot Details to close the dialog.

    3. Double click the Axis to open the Axis dialog and go to Scale tab, specifies the Scale for XYZ axis follows the graphs below:
      • Change the scale for X axis in X icon form 820 to 1220 with Major Ticks value 40.

      2D Bining 07.png

      • Change the scale for Y axis in Y icon form 127.5 to 277.5 with Major Ticks value 15.
      • Change the scale for Z axis in Z icon form 0 to 100 with Major Ticks value 20.
    4. Change title for X, Y, Z axis in Title tab into Tensile Strength, Brinell Hardness and Number of Tests, respectively. Click OK to apply the setting and close the dialog.