To automatically open a file (of a supported file type) when starting Origin you specify the file name at the end of the command line in the Window's Start:Run dialog box or in the Target text box of an Origin shortcut's Properties window. The supported file types include: graph templates (*.OTP), graphs (*.OGG), worksheets (*.OGW), matrices (*.OGM), projects (*.OPJ and *.ORG) and Excel files (*.XLS).

If Origin is not directed to open a specified file at start up and the AutoExec macro is defined, the AutoExec macro is triggered at the end of the Origin start up sequence. The AutoExec macro is generally used to override internal default settings. A minimal and commented out definition of the AutoExec macro can be found in the MACROS.CNF file (found in the Origin software folder). Caution is advised when defining this macro as not defining this macro is part of the normal and recommended start up sequence of Origin.