2 Video Tutorials

To get started quickly with Origin, you could watch the videos in the following table:

Title Description

Introduction to Origin

Learn how to quickly start using Origin from importing data, customizing column label rows, creating a multi-panel graph, selecting part of the data, performing integration, finding and fitting peaks, and using Recalculate to perform fitting with altered parameters.

Importing Data

Learn how to import ASCII file, customize your Import ASCII dialog settings and save them for future reuse, and use the Import Wizard to import data file and customize the import settings.

Creating a Graph

Learn how to create a graph using the graph toolbars or the Plot Details dialog, add data to an existing graph, and plot groups of plots by label.

Customizing a Graph

Learn how to add a layer title, resize a layer, change the axes properties, save a graph as a template and reuse it, customize a graph by using theme, change the plotting order, customize a single data point or a grouped data plot.


Learn how to change line connection to interpolate data and use Interpolate Gadget to perform data interpolation. Also, interpolate new Y data from given X data based on specified XY range.

Linear Fitting*

Learn how to perform a linear fit with outlier removal.

Nonlinear Curve Fit Tool

Learn how to fit with a built-in fitting function and change the NLFit settings using Change Parameters. Also, learn how to define and fit with a user-defined function.

Creating an Analysis Template

Learn how to set up a workbook for repetitive analysis using a linear regression example.

Batch Processing

Learn how to create an analysis template, and use this template to batch process multiple data files.

Introduction to OriginPro

Learn about all of the extended analysis tools in the areas of peak fitting, surface fitting, statistics, signal processing and image processing offered in OriginPro.

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