10.2.2 Send Graphs to PowerPoint

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This tutorial will show you how to send the specified graphs to an existing PowerPoint file by inserting graphs from a specified slide on and also copy that slide style, logo, layout, etc. User will no longer need to set Slide Master in PowerPoint.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2016 SR0

What you will learn

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • send specified graphs to existing PowerPoint file.


This tutorial is associated with the Column and Bar project:<Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Graphing\Column and Bar.opju and the PPT file: <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Import and Export\Column_Plots_in_Sample_OPJ.pptx

We are going to send most graphs in Column and Bar project to the above PPT file which consists of four slides: 1st slide is title; 2nd slide is table of contents; 3rd slide is blank; 4th slide is End page. All the sent graphs will be inserted into this PPT file starting from the 3rd slide and using the same style as starting slide.

  1. Open the sample project Column and Bar
  2. Click the Send Graphs to Powerpoint button Button Send Graphs to PowerPoint.png to open the pef_pptslide diallog.
  3. Select Specified for the Select Graph(s) drop-down list, click the browse button Button Browse.png beside the Graph Page box to open the Graph Browser. In this dialog, select Active Folder(Recursive) for the top-left drop-down list, and then select all graph listed in the left panel except Graph 5B, click the right arrow button Button right arrow.png to move them to right panel as below:
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint 01.png
  4. Click OK button. All selected graphs will be listed in the Graph Page text box, you can reorder the graphs. Expand the Slide Margin branch, set the Top Margin(%) text box to 8.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint 02.png
  5. Select Top of Slide for the Title Line drop-down list and set Title Mode to Window Long Name.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint 03.png
  6. Set Starting Slide Index to 3 to insert all these graphs to the existing PPT file by starting from the 3rd slide with same style as starting slide. Then set Slide Mode to Start New.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint 04.png
  7. Click the browse button Button Browse.png beside the Load File/Template(Optional) box to locate the existing PPT file Column_Plots_in_Sample_OPJ.pptx under the <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Import and Export folder. Then specify the path to save the new PPT file in the Save File As(Optional) text box.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint 05.png
  8. Then you will get the final PPT file.