6.12.6 Colormap from Second Matrix

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Origin can represent four-dimensional data by color-mapping a surface plot using a second matrix.

Colormap from second matrix 1.png

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2015 SR0

What you will learn

  • Create a Color Fill Surface from a matrix.
  • Color map a surface plot using a second matrix.
  • Customize color map levels and palette.
  • Control lighting on the graph (From Origin 9 SR0)


This tutorial is associated with the Tutorial Data project:<Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Tutorial Data.opj.

  1. Open the Tutorial Data project and browse to folder Surface with Colormap from Another Matrix in Project Explorer.
  2. Active the MBook1D matrix, You should see two image thumbnails above the matrix data, just under the title bar. (If you do not see image thumbnails, right-click on the matrix title bar and select Show Image Thumbnails.) Select image thumbnail 1."
  3. On the main menu, select Plot > 3D : 3D Color Fill Surface to generate a surface plot.
    Colormap from second matrix 2.png
  4. Double click on the plot to open the Plot Details dialog. In the left panel, select (MBook1D)MSheet1. In the right panel, select the Fill tab. Choose Coutour Fill from Matrix. and select Mat(2) for front surface.
    Colormap from second matrix 04.png
  5. Go to Colormap/Contours tab, click the Level... title to open the Set Levels dialog. In this dialog, click Find Min/Max button and set the #Major Levels and #Minor Levels as 10 and 9.Click OK button to close the dialog.
    Colormap from second matrix 05.png
  6. Click the Fill... title to open the Fill dialog. select Load Palette and then click Select Palette button to select Rainbow palette.Click OK button to close this dialog.
    Colormap from second matrix 005.png
  7. Check the Enable Contours check box. And then click Line... to open the Contour Lines dialog. In this dialog, check the Show on Major Levels Only check box and set the Line Properties as below. Click OK button to close the dialog.
    Colormap from second matrix 016.png
  8. Go to the Mesh tab,uncheck the Enable box to disable the mesh lines.
  9. Select Layer1 in the left panel, go to Lighting tab in the right panel. Select Directional under Mode. Set Horizontal and Vertical as 124 and 40 , and change the color of Diffuse as LT Gray and Specular as Gray. Then set the Shininess as 37.
    Colormap from second matrix 06.png
  10. Go to the Planes tab, set the color as Gray and select Front Corner for the Cube drop-down menu.
    Colormap from second matrix 013.png
  11. Go to Axis tab and do settings as below. Click OK button to close this dialog.
    Colormap from second matrix 014.png
  12. Keep the graph window active. Select Insert: Color Scale to add a new color scale in the graph window.
  13. Double-click anywhere on the color scale to open the Color Scale Control dialog box. Select Layout in the left panel, change Color bar thickness to 150 and check the Reverse Order check box.
    Colormap from second matrix 9.png
  14. Select Labels in the left panel, set the Font Size to 14 in the right panel as below:
    Colormap from second matrix 11.png
    Click OK to close the Color Scale Control dialog box.
  15. Double-click the X, Y and Z axis title and enter "X distance", "Y distance" and "Height". Add a text object "Pressure(psi)" above the color scale.
  16. Your final graph should look like this:
    Colormap from second matrix 1.png