1.4.2 OA Col-SetWaveInfo


Extract a wave's attributes: NI_ChannelName, NI_UnitDescription, NI_DeviceNumber and set them as a column's long name, Unit, User Parameter.

Connector Pane

OA Col-SetWaveInfo.png

Controls and Indicators

CI ref c.jpg Origin.Column is a reference to Origin.Column.
OA WaveformIn.png waveform is the wavform data.
CI err c.jpg error in contains error information that occur before this VI or function runs.
CI ref i.jpg Origin.Column Dup is a reference to Origin.Column.
OA Col-Get-WaveType.png Waveform Dup is the duplicate waveform data.
CI err i.jpg error out contains error information.
Note: This VI is available since Origin 8 SR4.