2.11 Exporting

This chapter covers the following topics:

Origin provides a collection of X-Functions for exporting data, graphs, and images. All X-Functions pertaining to exporting have names that start with the letters exp. The table below provides a listing of these X-Functions. As with all X-Functions, help-file information is available at Script or Command line by entering the name of the X-Function with the -h option. For instance: entering expgraph -h in the Script window will display the help file immediately below the command.

Name Brief Description
expASC Export worksheet data as ASCII file
expGraph Export graph(s) to graphics file(s)
expImage Export the active Image into a graphics file
expMatASC Export matrix data as ASCII file
expNITDM Export workbook data as National Instruments TDM and TDMS files
expWAV Export data as Microsoft PCM wave file
expWks Export the active sheet as raster or vector image file
img2GIF Export the active Image into a gif file