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Offset Axes Plot of a YBCO Superconductor Growth Study

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Download this project to learn how to make the graph.

This YBCO superconductor growth study uses multiple sets of axes, one offset, to display deposition pressure, annealing temperature, and the change in critical temperature over time in the same graph. The delta axis is offset from the Annealing Temperature axis, simplifying the presentation. Additionally, the delta line and symbol data plot is displayed with a cubic B-spline connection. Y error bars (in the plus and minus direction) are included on the annealed sample data points.

Origin allows you to offset as many X and/or Y axes as you need. In fact, Origin 7.5 and later include a Multiple Layer category in the Template Library for such plots. The category includes several built-in graph templates that illustrate many of the multiple axis combinations you can create when plotting.

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