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Experimental XES and XAS Spectra

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This graph shows experimental x-ray emission (XES) and absorption (XAS) spectra recorded at the oxygen K-edge for samples of SiO2 that have had high (H), medium (M), and low (L) doses of manganese and cobalt atoms implanted into them.

The lower-right panel is an enlargement of the onset regions of the XAS and XES which shows the introduction of Co and Mn electronic states in the XAS spectra. The XES shows little changes to the implantation, but by irradiating the samples with photons having specific energies where changes in the absorption are observed, the emission spectra maps shown in the color plots are obtained. This helps enhance the changes in the electronic structure of the samples after implantation. Using this information, researchers can investigate how the implantation of Mn and Co affects the way electrons can be transported through SiO2, possibly making it useful for specific device applications.

The upper and lower-right panels are simple grouped line plots. In the lower-right panel, another inset layer was added to offset the XES curves from the XAS curves for clarity.

The lower-left plots are X-axis linked color fill contour plots, with all contour lines hidden and with the built-in "Lite Blue" color palette loaded. This color palette clearly shows the differences among the plots.

This graph was created by Dr. Robert Green, University of British Columbia.

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