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Bitspur Plot

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Download this project to learn how to make the graph.

Bitspur graphs are often used to evaluate automobile performance. Tests are performed that track fluctuations in measurements of analog entities such as engine speed, air flow, etc. while switches/control variables are alternately turned on/off. Switches/control variables can include things like fuel ignition status, atc_switch, etc.

This bitspur plot includes two panels:

  • The top panel is a Double-Y graph. Represented in this two layer plot are engine speed and mass air flow. The Double-Y plot is used because each analog entity uses different units/scales, and Origin's superimposed layering capability makes it easy to view both quantities at the same time.
  • The bottom panel plots the switch/control variable states. The status of each switch over time is represented by zeroes and ones with zero being the OFF position, or state, and one being the ON state. (This is where the bitspur plot gets its name.) The group of switches involved in the test is plotted as a 2d waterfall plot with no X offset and a centered horizontal step line connection.

The bitspur graph shows the bitspur values and the analog values with a shared X axis so you can see, for example, the change in each analog signal with respect to, or in response to, the change in the bitspur channels.

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