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OriginLab® Releases Origin® 8.6 and OriginPro® 8.6

New Version Includes Native 64-bit Application,
Advanced Statistics, New Gadgets, and
Other Improvements Based on Customer Feedback

NORTHAMPTON, MA (November 15, 2011) – OriginLab Corporation, a leading publisher of graphing and data analysis software, today announced the release of Origin and OriginPro version 8.6. This new version provides a series of upgrades and feature enhancements that were developed based on customer feedback on the previous version, 8.51. The most significant new feature in version 8.6 is the availability of a native 64-bit version, which will support customers as they work with large datasets.

“Many of our users want to import and work with large datasets such as multiple channels of data sampled over long periods of time,” said Dr. Easwar R. Iyer, OriginLab Vice President of Technology. “With our new native 64-bit version they can bring a large amount of data into Origin, and then save their data, graphs, analysis results, and reports all in one Origin Project. With this new version we are also introducing a quick and easy way to zoom and pan across data using either a mouse or keyboard. This will be very helpful for users to quickly identify and select regions of interest in their large datasets for further investigation.”

In addition to increased data storage, version 8.6 also features new gadgets. Originally introduced in Origin 8.5, gadgets provide an intuitive interface for immediately performing data analysis on a selected region of data in a graph. Three new gadgets were developed for Origin 8.6 in response to customer needs, namely Vertical Cursor, Sigmoidal Fit, and Curve Intersection.

OriginPro includes all the new Origin features as well as advanced statistical tools in the area of Principal Component Analysis and Cluster and Discriminant Analysis. More Normality Test methods have also been added to OriginPro in this new version.

“OriginLab values feedback received from the scientists and engineers who use our products,” said OriginLab founder Dr. CP Yang. “We are committed to developing a product portfolio that caters specifically to the needs of our users.”

Significant enhancements available in Origin 8.6 span all major areas of the software, including memory access, graphing, worksheets, importing, and data analysis. New features and improvements include:

Key New Features in Version 8.6

  • Native 64-bit Application
  • Zoom and Pan inside Graph Layer using Keyboard or Mouse
  • Auto-hide for Dockable Windows
  • New Gadgets: Vertical Cursor, Sigmoidal Fit, Curve Intersection
  • Spider/Radar Chart
  • Parametric Function Plots
  • Import Menu Customization
  • Worksheet Navigation Dialog
  • Nonlinear Fitting with Integral
  • Principal Component Analysis, Cluster & Discriminant Analysis, More Normality Tests (OriginPro)

Additional Features:

  • New Messages Log Window
  • Split Worksheet Tool
  • Flat Sheet Output for Column Statistics
  • Raw and Index Data Support for more Statistical Tools
  • System Path Tab in Tools: Options Dialog
  • Ability to Specify Data Range using X Values
  • Repeat Existing Analysis on All Plots or All Columns
  • Improvements to Distribution Curves for Histogram Plot

To learn more about the benefits of the latest features please visit

System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® XP, or Windows® Vista, or Windows® 7, 1.0 GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor, 1 GB of RAM , a DVD drive, and 600 MB of free hard disk space. To use HTML Help, Internet Explorer 4.01 or later required.

About OriginLab

OriginLab publishes graphing and data analysis software that is used in a wide array of corporations, government agencies, colleges, and universities worldwide. Our products provide a comprehensive solution for scientists and engineers who need to analyze, graph, and professionally present data. OriginLab is headquartered in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA.

Origin is available in many different forms ranging from a single user package to an institution or company-wide site license. In multiple-copy licenses, Origin includes concurrent license management, allowing you to install the software on as many computers as you need. Origin can also be applied as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution for instrument manufacturers.

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