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Contact: Holly Klin, Marketing Coordinator
Joe Przechocki, Product Marketing Manager
U.S. and Canada: 800-969-7720
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OriginLab® Releases Origin® 8

Origin 8 introduces a new multi-sheet workbook to
facilitate the management of data, images, graphs and results.

Key new features:


Multi-sheet Workbooks, Consolidated Reports with Updatable Results, Sparklines

NORTHAMPTON, MA, May 14, 2007 – OriginLab Corporation announces the release of Origin 8, a leading Windows®-based analysis and graphing software. For fifteen years Origin has provided a comprehensive solution for scientists, engineers, researchers, and analysts who need to graph, analyze, and make professional presentations of their data. Now Origin 8 offers a completely new workbook that forms the centerpiece of the Origin workspace. With the multi-sheet workbook, Origin users can efficiently organize and manage data, analysis reports, graphs, and images using an intuitive and flexible interface.

For Origin 8, we have nearly revamped the entire application, making significant improvements in how data, graphs, and analysis results are created, explored, and organized. Just for starters, our implementation of Edward Tufte’s sparklines in our new workbooks will allow users to quickly and easily get a feel for their worksheet data.” says OriginLab’s founder and President, Dr. C.P. Yang. “It can be said that this new version defines a new product category – one that offers the best of many worlds, and seamlessly integrates it all: the familiarity and versatility of workbooks, publication-quality graphics, high-end data analysis and straightforward algorithm development.

Multi-sheet workbooks now provide a handy way to keep related data, analysis results, and graphs together. Furthermore, users can create attractive reports using worksheet customization such as rich text cell formatting and cell borders. To provide full control over workbook content, sheets can be moved, added, inserted or deleted. As a special capability, Origin’s workbooks can contain graphs and images within cells – allowing for workbooks as an organizational container, or to aid image processing.

New for Origin 8, analysis results can be automatically placed into a worksheet within the raw data's workbook. In this way, parameter values, statistics and related analysis graphs are just a click away whenever looking at the original data. This new concept provides much better organization and more detailed reports compared to previous versions. As an added convenience, results of any previous analysis operation may be updated if the source data or analysis parameters are changed. To take advantage of both result consolidation and recalculation, users can set up an analysis operation as desired, with customized dialog settings, then save the workbook or even an entire Origin project as a template. Later, future analysis of the same type of data may be quickly performed by simply replacing the original data.

Just as Origin places graphs within result worksheet cells, users can place their own graphs in worksheet cells to create a custom report. An embedded graph may be modified for publication or presentation at any time simply by double-clicking on it to launch a graph window. After the graph has been customized, and the graph window is closed, updates are saved to the embedded graph contained in the worksheet cell.

Origin offers special embedded graphs, called sparklines, within worksheet column headers. Column sparklines provide small profiles of the column’s data, which allows the user to quickly view the profile of the data in ways that have not been possible in past versions or any products within Origin's marketplace. To further permit one to see trends within data, the aspect ratio of column sparklines can be easily changed by changing the column width and/or row height. Origin also allows any graph to be copied to the clipboard as a sparkline so that a small, word-sized graphic may be used within text documents.

Origin 8 significantly builds upon OriginLab’s tradition of providing the required blend of tools to accommodate both the novice and advanced users. The new multi-sheet workbooks with rich text formatting makes it easy to consolidate and manage imported data, images, database query results, analysis reports and publication-quality graphs. With addition of its new workbook and expanded data analysis capabilities, Origin has evolved from a popular graphing software to become a full-fledged data analysis and graphing workspace.

Pricing Information

Origin 8 is available for $850.00 to commercial customers, and for $500 to educational customers.

OriginPro 8 is available for $1250 to commercial customers, and $700 to educational customers.

Upgrades from Origin 7 or Origin 7.5 to Origin 8 are available for $255.00 to commercial users, and $150.00 to educational customers.

System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 or later, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP or later, or Microsoft Vista™, 1.0 GHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU, 512 Megabytes (MB) of RAM, a CD-ROM drive, and 350 MB of free hard disk space.

About OriginLab

OriginLab publishes graphing and data analysis software. Our products provide a comprehensive solution for scientists and engineers who need to analyze, graph, and professionally present data. We have two offices in Massachusetts; our corporate headquarters is located in Northampton and our development office is located in Wellesley Hills.

Our main product, Origin, has been growing in popularity among scientists and engineers as a serious data analysis and graphing software since 1991. Today, with over 100,000 licenses worldwide, Origin is used in hundreds of large corporations and around a thousand colleges and universities worldwide. Along with its easy-to-use graphical interface, Origin offers intuitive, yet powerful, research tools for the daily needs of the researcher. Origin’s point-and-click interfaces allow you to start using it right out of the box, yet its wide range of advanced features will provide for your growing needs.

Origin is available in many different forms ranging from a single user package to an institution or company-wide site license. In multiple-copy licenses, Origin includes concurrent license management, allowing you to install the software on as many computers as you need. Origin can also be applied as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution for instrument manufacturers.

Evaluation Copy

For more information on our products, please visit To receive an evaluation copy, press agents may contact our Advertising and PR Coordinator, Holly Klin.

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1 Edward Tufte, Ph.D. 2006. Sparklines: Intense, Simple, Word-Sized Graphics. In: BEAUTIFUL EVIDENCE. Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press LLC. pp 47-63.

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