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OriginLab Releases New Data Analysis and Graphing Software, Origin 2023

Folder and Window Management, Insert and Format Worksheets in Graphs, Multi-Y Graphs in Single Layer, Smart Skipping of Symbols for Large Datasets , Line-Symbol Plot with Automatic X value Sorting, Angle Annotation Tool, Improved Script Window, plus new Graphs and Apps

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts. November 8, 2022OriginLab, a leading publisher of data analysis and graphing software, today announced the release of Origin® and OriginPro® 2023. This latest version of OriginLab’s award-winning software application adds 100+ new features and improvements, plus a suite of all-new Apps to extend Origin’s graphing and analysis capabilities.

Major improvements have been made to the organization and management of an Origin project. Users can now add Folder Notes using Rich Text and preview these Notes when hovering (Ctrl+mouse) over a Folder in the Project Explorer. A new Folders and Windows Toolbar has been added with buttons for ”seesawing” between folders, pinning windows, restoring window arrangement, and adding window shortcuts.

Worksheet formatting, exporting, and viewing features are enhanced. Add worksheets to graphs and layouts and further customize with color-banding and other custom formatting to create custom reports; or export a worksheet as a neatly formatted table image. Copy formatted worksheet as HTML/EMF, or export to Excel with Cell Formatting. For better viewing of worksheet data, Mini Toolbars are added to set up Frozen Panes and the ability to hide sheets.

Several plotting features have been added in this new version. Origin 2023 supports plotting Double-Y graphs in a single layer, allowing easier manipulation and analysis of plotted data. Methods have been added for Smart Skipping of Symbols for symbol or line + symbol plots of large datasets. Perform Automatic X Value Sorting of data in line or line + symbol plots without having to sort the worksheet columns. Improvements to contour plots include inserting multiple custom levels and a new Mini Toolbar for customizing line and label properties. A new Angle Annotation tool adds a labeled arc in 2D graphs.

Other features include clickable file link in Messages Log window for exports, auto preview of exported images within Origin, plus a new Ctrl+Alt+G hotkey to repeat graph export using the Theme; New Mini Toolbar buttons to add Layer and Page level titles and to move selected worksheet rows up/down; Wrap rich text in the worksheet; For CSV and Excel Data Connectors, add sparklines and post-import scripts, plus book/sheet renaming (CSV only) ; Show ticks and labels on alternate sides of stacked plots; and better support for group property for NetCDF .nc4 files.

New Graph Types include Stacked 3D Heatmap and Ternary Vector. 3D Line plots now have the option for Spline or B-Spline connection style.

LabTalk scripting improvements include Script Window with syntax-coloring and Unicode Support; double-quoting of window long name in range notation to favor window in same folder; Named Range to specify 3D plane position; New labtalk://"script" notation to execute script stored in a worksheet cell; plus, select columns by LabTalk Script.

New Apps available for 2023 include Bootstrap Sampling, Pulse Fit, Propagation of Error, Classify Points in Graph, Gardner-Altman Plot, Steel-Dwass Test, Effect Size for ANOVA, Torsional Angle Wheel Plot, and Stiegele MDF Connector. All apps are available at no extra charge from Origin’s in-software App Center. Apps allow Origin users to customize their software, choosing only desired tools from an ever-expanding list of Apps.

Origin offers an intuitive, point-and-click interface for new users, combined with a wide range of powerful functions for advanced purposes. OriginPro includes all the features of Origin plus extended analysis tools. Origin and OriginPro are used by more than 500,000 registered customers worldwide, spanning Fortune Global 500 companies, research institutions, and colleges and universities across various disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacology, engineering, and manufacturing.


A free trial version (valid for 21 days with trial license, or 3 days without license) is available for download from the OriginLab website at Origin users with active maintenance service will receive a free upgrade to this latest version. Previous version users can obtain upgrade pricing by contacting OriginLab. For new users, Origin and OriginPro licenses are available as single user, concurrent (floating) network or node-locked (fixed) group. Academic, government and volume discount pricing options are available. For pricing information, please visit:

About OriginLab

Founded in 1992, OriginLab develops data analysis and graphing software for users in corporations, government agencies, colleges, and universities worldwide. Its flagship products, Origin® and OriginPro, provide a comprehensive solution for scientists and engineers at every technical level to analyze, graph, and professionally present data. OriginLab has offices in Northampton and Wellesley, Massachusetts, and Guangzhou, China.

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